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Digital thermometer came in the mail today

It took forever to get here, almost two weeks. I ordered it from Amazon. It comes with two probes, one that can go up to 260°C and another that can handle 1000°C. I’ll be using it to measure temperatures of ICs in prototypes as well as to measure what temps are coming out of my hot air tool at various distances and flow rates.

Below is a picture of the setup. I’m measuring the temperature of a voltage regulator in a prototype. It’s throwing out over 60°C with a 5.5V input and a 300mA load on the 3.3V output. That’s too hot and it’s right on the edge of thermal shutdown. I won’t be using this regulator in the final design. It has no tab or pad underneath the IC, nowhere for heat to go.


A close up shot of the sensor on the IC. I’m holding it down with polyimide tape.


This meter is nice, only drawback is that it doesn’t log.