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More unhappy capacitors



My power supply started emitting smoke today. Opened it up and found some bulging capacitors and greasy residue on the top of the chassis directly underneath them. Two 4700uF @ 16v caps. I don’t have any of those values on hand, so I had to use a pile of different ones to do the repair. Fortunately the PCB is resting on a set of metal standoffs so there was adequate room to solder some in underneath.


I put everything back together and it works fine now. I had to adjust two pots for the variable +- 15vdc outputs. The +5v and -5v were spot on. The AC 6v out measures 7v and the AC 12v out measures 13.5v. Nothing I can do about that, those lines come directly out of the transformer.


Unhappy capacitors

My 21″ Samsung 204T monitor has been acting up for over a year. On power up it would flicker for a minute or two and eventually even out. This evening it finally died. I popped it open and found two bulging capacitors:

The two bad caps were each 820uF, wired in parallel. I didn’t have any of that size in my parts drawer, so I used a 1000uF, 470uF and 220uF. There was an unused spot for a capacitor next to the two that were bad, so I used that for my third capacitor. I drilled the holes a little wider so I could have room to fit some heat shrink tubing on that third capacitor where it went through the board. Then I soldered in parallel with the rest:

I put everything back together and the monitor came right up without delay and no flicker. The monitor is about 8 years old, maybe I’ll get another 8 years out of it.