Unhappy capacitors

My 21″ Samsung 204T monitor has been acting up for over a year. On power up it would flicker for a minute or two and eventually even out. This evening it finally died. I popped it open and found two bulging capacitors:

The two bad caps were each 820uF, wired in parallel. I didn’t have any of that size in my parts drawer, so I used a 1000uF, 470uF and 220uF. There was an unused spot for a capacitor next to the two that were bad, so I used that for my third capacitor. I drilled the holes a little wider so I could have room to fit some heat shrink tubing on that third capacitor where it went through the board. Then I soldered in parallel with the rest:

I put everything back together and the monitor came right up without delay and no flicker. The monitor is about 8 years old, maybe I’ll get another 8 years out of it.

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